Seattle Monster Dogs… nationally renowned for the best cream cheese and grilled onion-smothered hot dogs in the city (and perhaps the nation…)


"Known by many locals as home to the best 'Seattle Dog' in Capitol Hill, this modest food cart often has long lines after the bars close, with everyone clamoring for a taste of one of their franks loaded with cream cheese and grilled onions." – Travel Channel's Feed the Beast Travel Guide

The History Behind the Seattle (Style) Dog – Rachel Belle,

"With more than a dozen carts, Monster Dogs is always on the city's list of the best for a grilled frank dressed with a healthy squirt of cream cheese and grilled onions." – America's Best Hot Dogs, Food & Wine

"Seattle's best street vendor, Monster Dog knows how to do it right. They coat their over-sized buns with a nice base of cream cheese and then top their dogs with grilled onions for a unique and unforgettable flavor combination, one that, as you get used to it, will dare you to drop your usual condiments on top." – 25 Best Hot Dog Shops in the U.S.;

"Monster Dogs’ Seattle Dog is what we’re scarfing late night; it comes slathered in cream cheese and piled with trimmings." – Summer Food in Seattle; Seattle Magazine

"Monster Dogs, our favorite in Seattle, grills your choice of beef hotlink, beef Polish sausage, or veggie dog, offering an array of condiments for embellishment. Try the cream cheese dog plain first, but we think barbecue sauce and hot mustard make for a perfect sweet-and-hot combo." – The Search for America's Best Hot Dog: The West;

"Seattle’s Monster Dog (hot dog stands) is the popular cart, that was swarmed even tho Seattle was rockin’ a toasty 40 deg this recent November." –

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And then there are those hipsters in the Northwest, who get a little crazy with the Monster Dog at Seattle Style Hot Dog, where you get a 9-inch dog that’s split and filled with cream cheese, grilled onions, Sriracha sauce, jalapeños, dill relish and spicy brown mustard.

– Haute Dog, on

"Hot dogs across the U.S. are surpassing tradition to include inventive toppings and ingredients, like Monster Dog of Seattle, that smothers its beef or veggie dogs with cream cheese and grilled onions. Sound crazy? It might just be love at first bite." – Nation's Restaurant News

"Does Monster Dogs Put Out America's Best Hot Dog? Possibly! Monster Dogs is a favorite of Pike/Pine late-night spillover, thanks in part to a generous slather of cream cheese lining the bun."

– Christopher Werner; Seattle Met

Monster Dogs Named one of America's Best Hot Dogs – Every Day with Rachel Ray

"Their veggie dog, served on a soft Franz roll with grilled onions and cream cheese, hits the spot when you’re ready to chow." – Summer Guide: Veggie-Dog Days; Seattle Weekly