Weekday Hotdog Delight 🌭(Mondays-Thursdays)
💸 Weekday Wonder - $1200 Minimum

  • Perfect for small gatherings! Enjoy up to 100 hotdog servings 3 hours!
  • Hotdogs galore, no frills, just pure flavor!

Thrilling Twist: Additional hotdogs beyond 100 are a steal at $9 each!
🎉 Bonus Inclusion: Dive into the fun with Seattle Style hotdogs featuring cream cheese and onions – a local favorite!

Mini Monster (Mondays-Thursdays)
🔥 Sizzle Special - $850 Minimum
Unleash the flavor with up to 50 hotdog servings 2 hours!

  • Mouthwatering hotdogs with the classic Seattle twist (cream cheese and onions)
  • Crunchy chips
  • Assorted sodas and refreshing water

Bonus: Each additional hotdog over 50 is just $9!

Mid Monster (Mondays-Thursdays)
💥 Mega Feast - $1350 Minimum

  • Dive into the feast with up to 100 hotdog servings over 3 hours!

Choose between:

  • A mountain of chips
  • OR a sea of delightful beverages

Fun Twist: Additional hotdogs beyond 100 are only $9 each!
🎉 Bonus Inclusion: Don't miss out on the Seattle Style sensation – cream cheese and onions available with every bite!

Mondo Monster (Mondays-Thursdays)
🌟 Epic Extravaganza - $1850 Minimum

  • Unleash the flavor explosion with up to 150 hotdog servings 3.5 hours!

Choose between:

  • A symphony of chips
  • OR a rainbow of delightful beverages

Excitement Alert: Additional hotdogs beyond 150 are just $9 each!
🎉 Bonus Inclusion: Elevate your experience with Seattle Style hotdogs – cream cheese and onions for everyone!

Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays
🎉 Weekend Fiesta - $1350 Minimum

  • Party vibes with up to 100 hotdog servings 3 hours!

Bonus: Each extra hotdog beyond 100 is only $9!
🎊 Weekend Delight: Seattle Style hotdogs with cream cheese and onions available for a taste of the local flair!

What's Included?

  • 1 hotdog stand with 1-2 enthusiastic employees 
  • Set Up 
  • Sizzling Serving time 
  • Breakdown Bash

🚀 Thrill Ride:

  • Additional hours available at $100 per hour

🎪 Extra Fun:

  • More hotdog stands available at $150 each

Indoor Catering Adventure:

  • $150 Set Up Fee

🌟 Feel-Good Factor:

  • 20% gratuity added to the total bill

🌍 Adventure Awaits:

  • Mileage charges vary outside of Seattle

Add-On Items:

Crunch Factor:

  • Assorted Chips: $2.00

🍪 Sweet Surprises:

  • Assorted Cookies at $2.00 each

Fizz & Pop:

  • Assorted Soda at $2.00

🥤 Juicy Joy:

  • Assorted Juices at $3.00

Hydration Station:

  • Bottled Water for $2.00

Payment Requirements:
🎟️ Secure the Date: 50% deposit required to reserve your event date

We cater all types of events... ranging from bachelor/ette parties, weddings, and anniversaries, to company picnics, tailgating parties, fundraisers, and more.

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