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We also accept Square payments at all locations and events.

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We cater all types of events... ranging from bachelor/ette parties, weddings, and anniversaries, to company picnics, tailgating parties, fundraisers, and more.

Pricing Structure:
Monday thru Thursday

$700 Minimum (includes 100 Servings)
*Servings over 100 are charged at $6/Per Serving

Friday & Saturday

$800 Minimum (includes 100 Servings)
*Servings over 100 are charged at $6/Per Serving 


1 hotdog stand with 1-2 employees; additional hotdog stands are available at $200 per cart.


20% of your total bill will be added on to the minimum fee for all catering events

Add-On Items:
Assorted Chips - $1.00 each
Assorted Cookies - $1.00 each
Assorted Soda - $1.00 each
Assorted Juices - $1.00 each
Kid-sized Basic Hotdogs - $3.50 each
Bottled Water - $1.00 each    


We require a deposit on the day that you reserve / book your event. If you cancel your event, we will refund all but 5% of your deposit back to you.  Your event date will not be held until this deposit is received. The remaining balance will be due at the end of the event and will be subject to change based upon additional servings or hours requested. Use our handy Paypal link below: